Thursday, 20 October 2016

 British Council ISA 2: MUSIC - An Expression of the Soul

The greatest creation of man, music touches the soul and helps man to sympathetically manifest unspoken desire and humanity in humans. School possessing the circular activity of music, which is even increasingly being accepted and exchanged with the countries having different cultures, paving a way to develop associations between the two nations by welcoming foreign students and teachers nowadays.

The project provided a platform to the students of Class VII to interact with students and teachers of Bangladesh and enhance knowledge about the music and culture of the countries with which the collaborations with the mentioned country.

Through this activity, the students have actually been made aware of the different musical forms and to internalise the fact that music is the expression of the internal soul.

IDENTIFICATION AND COMPARISON: The activities conducted for this project included identification and comparison of the music and it's for and the evidence was collected for the same. Furthermore, Quiz Activity was also conducted for imparting better understanding among the students.

EXCHANGE PROGRAM: Through this, the students learnt about various forms of music of the partnered country, Bangladesh and exchanged the audio music recordings along with e-mails and also shared it with the above-mentioned country through videos. Moreover, Class VI students were made to learn of the partnered country and present it in the assembly; and the evidence was shared and exchanged through e-mail. This activity actually paved students a very good platform for interchanging the knowledge of music.

FEEDBACK: Not only this, even the parents, teachers and students were made aware of the importance of music and its forms used in Bangladesh. Also, a feedback was taken from the same.