Thursday, 18 May 2017

British Council ISA 7: Cricket – One Team One Dream

Through British Council ISA 7: Cricket – One Team One Dream, students actually got an opportunity to study, compare and contrast the history of Cricket and how it is associated with the colonial past. It has always been believed that the game of cricket survived as a children's game for many centuries before it was adapted by adults around the beginning of the 17th century.

The students underwent an all-encompassing learning experience as they had to research, collate, arrange, classify, perform and paste the facts & pictures in the various activities like Collage and PowerPoint Presentation.

Students of Classes VII – VIII prepared PPT to elucidate the rules, regulations and history of cricket and shared the same with the students of Class V – VI. Further, Class V & VI students prepared a beautiful collage on the legends of Cricket from India and England.

A cricket match was conducted on 20th May’17 in the premises of the school in which there were two teams India and England and the students showed up with great team spirit.

A Cricket Quiz was also conducted which was on the basis of the evolution of Cricket, in which two teams comprising students of V to VIII took part. Even the audience felt involved in the activity as they were passed the unanswered questions of each team. All students, as well as the teachers, enjoyed this activity very much. Also, a feedback was taken from the chief guest, parents and students.

Through this, the students opened up their horizons of knowledge about the game. For e.g., first ever international cricket game was between the USA and Canada in 1844. The match was played at the grounds of the St George's Cricket Club in New York. The activity also paved a way to the students to attain knowledge about the Cricket’s origin in India and develop a deeper understanding of it and its international standards.

It was an actual hands-on experience on a school pitch, which enhanced the passion for cricket among students and along with that, gave them a better understanding of the game. Teamwork building, co-operation, collaboration and critical evaluation of the situation, strategic planning, concentration and presence of mind, sportsmanship, leadership qualities and discipline are a part of the game and these skills were learned through the activity.

Thursday, 27 April 2017

British Council ISA 6: Kaleidoscope of festivals

Festivals have a religious origin and entwine cultural and religious significance in traditional activities. They serve to fulfil specific communal purposes, especially with regard to commemoration or thanksgiving. ‘Kaleidoscope of festivals’ – a collaborative activity of ISA with China included the festivals of India and China, seasonal festivals, regional festivals depicting the oneness and brotherhood in the kingdom of India.  The activity paved a way to the students by bringing them face to face with the highest expression of the human spirit by imparting the knowledge and relevance of different festivals celebrated in the partnered countries.

 Through this activity, awareness was created among the students about the different festivals of the other countries and the reason for their celebration. Also, it provided them with a platform for developing critical thinking, teamwork spirit and enhancing creativity.

The students of Grade VII to VIII were shown a documentary on various festivals of their native country as well as the partnered country i.e. China. Students of Class VII prepared PPT on the festivals of India like Holi, Diwali, Gurupurab and Onam; and Class VIII students were made to prepare PPT on the festivals of China such as Ching Ming, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Race, Qing Ming and Chinese New Year. Further, the presentations were exchanged with the different schools through wiki spaces.

The students prepared display boards that adorned the school corridor. The students of Class V prepared bulletin boards on festivals of India and students of Class VI prepared bulletin boards on festivals of China and all the evidences were exchanged with the partnered schools through e-mails.

In conclusion, a feedback was taken from the parents, teachers and students.  
The learning outcome of the activity was that the students developed sensitivity towards different cultures and their important festivals.

Thursday, 9 March 2017

British Council ISA 5:  Kingdom  of  Dolls

In today’s technological age, when we talk of the world being a “Global Village”, dolls from all over the world – Ethnic Dolls along with the flag of the country were brought under one roof. Kingdom of Dolls Project encompasses an array of activities, which were conducted for pre-primary. and Grade 1 children to acquaint them with the culture and tradition of various countries around the world.

Under this title, a variety of activities were organized like Doll making activity, an excursion to the Doll's Museum, enactment of International Dolls, Power Point Presentations and Quiz. The activity was conducted with the aim of providing a learning environment that respects diversity. Also, it was conducted for the students to enable them to have a better understanding about the basic concept of dolls.  The pre-schoolers embraced this opportunity and whole-heartedly took part in the activity.

A doll is a model of human being often used as a toy for children. This ISA Activity helped in developing social, emotional, motor and cognitive skills of a child, which will further help him in his personality development and understanding skills.

The teachers collected the information of dolls from different kingdom through internet, newspapers and magazines and shared it with the pre-primary students up to Grade 1. Students of Class Nursery to II visited the Doll Museum as dolls are known in all cultures and are one of the oldest and widespread forms of toys, “Bib and Tucker” activity was held in the premises of the school in which the students adorned the attires of various countries depicting the culture and tradition of countries across the globe. Not only this, the students of Grade K.G, I and II made the beautiful attires of dolls and also coloured the dolls in the worksheets provided to them.

The project concluded with the exhibition which was organized by the school for parents in order to make them aware about the learning activities of the children at school. Also, a feedback was taken from the parents, teachers and students.

Friday, 27 January 2017

British Council ISA 4: Endangered  Species  - Shoot with Camera…Not Gun

There was this old, vile man with a beard
Who the African elephants feared,
“Bang, bang!” went his shotgun
For him it was such fun
The African Elephants disappear!

Animals are one of the most beautiful creatures existing on the planet but the irresponsible behavior of the human beings is troubling the existence of animals. Habitat loss, hunting and poaching are some of the major threats to the life of these creatures. It is the need of the hour to conserve these endangered species that are under the threat of extinction, for a balanced growth on the planet.

Endangered species can be stated to an animal if they are either disappearing fast from the face of the planet or are very sparsely populated, which is not good enough for survival of the animal community in the long run.

In order to make students aware about the importance of saving these beautiful creatures on earth and to help them understand and gain perspective on human issues that are continuing to endanger animals and threatening our global environment, the Prayaagians were made to develop an attitude of conserving endangered animals and their protection measures around the world by following activities.

SAVING ENDANGERED SPECIES: There was a collaborative activity which was conducted with the objective of making our children explore and gather information about different endangered species of the world and various reasons for their getting endangered. Students of Class III, IV and V did a plethora of activities in order to fulfill the objective, wherein Class V students collected data regarding the endangered species and their protection measures from magazines and internet and shared the same through video with Class III and IV students.

POSTER MAKING & QUIZ: Then, there was a very informative and creative activity wherein the students of Class IV came up with beautiful and expressive posters of various endangered animals. The Quiz Show enabled the students to undergo a brainstorming session, which helped them to widen their horizons about the significance of habitat on earth.

SHOW AND TELL: In this activity the students of Class III were prepared to participate in the activity in which students spoke about various endangered species depicting information of the same, whose evidences were displayed and uploaded on different online portals in order to spread awareness among people all around the world.

CIRCULARS AND FEEDBACK: Not only this, even the parents and guardians of the students were made aware about the importance of saving and conserving the endangered species for a balanced growth on earth through various circulars. Also, a feedback was taken from students, teachers and parents.