Thursday, 27 April 2017

British Council ISA 6: Kaleidoscope of festivals

Festivals have a religious origin and entwine cultural and religious significance in traditional activities. They serve to fulfil specific communal purposes, especially with regard to commemoration or thanksgiving. ‘Kaleidoscope of festivals’ – a collaborative activity of ISA with China included the festivals of India and China, seasonal festivals, regional festivals depicting the oneness and brotherhood in the kingdom of India.  The activity paved a way to the students by bringing them face to face with the highest expression of the human spirit by imparting the knowledge and relevance of different festivals celebrated in the partnered countries.

 Through this activity, awareness was created among the students about the different festivals of the other countries and the reason for their celebration. Also, it provided them with a platform for developing critical thinking, teamwork spirit and enhancing creativity.

The students of Grade VII to VIII were shown a documentary on various festivals of their native country as well as the partnered country i.e. China. Students of Class VII prepared PPT on the festivals of India like Holi, Diwali, Gurupurab and Onam; and Class VIII students were made to prepare PPT on the festivals of China such as Ching Ming, Lantern Festival, Dragon Boat Race, Qing Ming and Chinese New Year. Further, the presentations were exchanged with the different schools through wiki spaces.

The students prepared display boards that adorned the school corridor. The students of Class V prepared bulletin boards on festivals of India and students of Class VI prepared bulletin boards on festivals of China and all the evidences were exchanged with the partnered schools through e-mails.

In conclusion, a feedback was taken from the parents, teachers and students.  
The learning outcome of the activity was that the students developed sensitivity towards different cultures and their important festivals.

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