Wednesday, 22 June 2016


  • Take genuine interest in your students 
 Learn their interest, hopes and dreams. Ask them about what is going on in their lives. Listen to them and share your stories with them so that they feel comfortable and safe.
And once they start trusting you they will start following what you ask them to do.

  • Act friendly in other ways

A smile can really make you day and i have experienced myself if you smile at someone it motivates him to be a better person, joke sometimes. A supportive touch on a student's shoulder can really create a difference in a students attitude.

  • Be flexible and keep your eye on the learning goal prize

Do not be rigid with students. they are the growing buds which needs to be nurtured with love and care. Sometimes instead of making them do what we want them to do, do what they want to do and you would be surprised to see what beautiful things these students come up with.

  • Reward every small achievement 

Most educator believes that all students should learn as much as their ability and effort will permit. Still almost all schools and parents reward only the high achievements alone on the basis that high grades will inspire all children. However, the students who work hard but get less grades are not acknowledged. And if we start rewarding even the smallest hard work done by the students it would motivate the children to work more harder and will being satisfaction and build confidence in them.

  • Never give up on your students

Be positive and encourage them to grow, because once you give up on your students there can be no growth at all. You are the wings for these little birds, they will fall sometimes but if you stop teaching them they will never learn to fly...

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